Wednesday, September 29, 2010

epic . the most epic ever.

I am BEYOND excited.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet The Sup-Sup

Hey y'all ( I have been writing y'all wrong for years. ya'll. just p.s.)
Today I will tell you about my good friend Desirée. 
First of all, she taught me how to do the accents over the letters. Vital information. 
Secondly, we were hired to work here at Student Services on the very same day. 2 years ago this December. Holy moly that is a long time ago. In that amount of time, Desirée has gone and gotten hitched, I have gallivanted to England, and we both recognized our true kindred spirit status.

So, first memories of Desirée: Well, December 1, 2008 (New Freshman Priority Deadline, what?? 40 calls in the queue, what??) We began training. Karen Wells was our trainer (poor Karen, it is absolutely not your fault that I almost fell asleep all the time). And Karen tells us "You know, it's funny, but you're always really close with the people you were hired at the same time as." And I'm like, okay, right whatever. Then, we did OneStop (the legit deal, people. As in, Ballroom of the Wilk until 6 pm status), had creepers continually ask if we were sisters or twins, and really actually did become good good friends. 
This is Halloween last year . I am Alladin and Desiree is a ninja-turtle. Donatello? I don't know my turtle stats...

When we came back to work last Fall, there began to be talk of some missionary is some place called Detroit or something named Elder Lara. "Elder Lara is pretty cute" "Yes he is" blah blah blah was our talk for quite some time. Then he came home. We were on pins and needles for a few days (and I mean WE - as in our entire shift) and then he called, and then he visited, and then they kissed, and then they got married. Ha! Just kidding, it was a little slower than that. They got hitched 2 days before I fled the country in Washington, so I couldn't be there. But now we're all back in good old Ptown, livin' the good life in green robes at Student Services.

Desirée seriously is the definition of my kindred spirit. We think the same things are funny, and we can talk about serious things and not serious things. We have commiserated about the fellas (before she abandoned me for the beautiful land of marital bliss - traitor) and commiserated about the office (not that anything is wrong with it. It's actually a great place to work... except it's still work) and celebrated important anniversaries with bubbly and coffee cake. 

Desirée, even if you don't Hike the Y tomorrow morning, you are still one of the best. The cream of the crop, and my twinner soul. Thanks for being there for me, every day from 8-11. You are the best sup-sup in the WORLD. (Oh, yeah we were hired on the same day, remember? She's a supervisor now. Ni-ice one!)

... And though we may be twin souls, we have like... 2.5 pictures together. I have no answers for this. Not a lot of photog in D-155 going on, I guess.

Festival of Colors! Last March. That other one is Justin Lara. The husband.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”
― Mark Twain

(Who knew he ever said anything that wasn't dripping with sarcasm or irony?? This is actually very beautiful.)

Also, I love the weather of today. It is finally not 85 degrees. I love it.

Last night, I went to a Sitar concert last night. (as in "Then - the magical sitar player falls from the roof and says 'The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return'" Yeah. Righteous.) Nishat Khan. He was incredible. And performed for 100 hours. 

Also, it's Mid-Autumn festival. (shout out to mikelle who introduces us to weirdy chinese foods and cool traditions). We are having "JowTsuh" and if you speak with her for the correct spelling and punctuation. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet The Birthday Girl!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Mikelllllllllle, Happy birthday to you! 
How lucky is it that Mikelle's birthday falls on "Friend Friday"? Perfect.
this is like... the only picture of just you in existence. fyi.

Dear Mikelle,
Hello, how are things? I am sorry that we woke you up like 30 minutes after you had fallen asleep to sing the happy birthday song and make you blow out kamikaze candles. The pazooki we made was really good, I hope you're up to trying it a little later. I am going to tell everyone that reads my blog how cool you are. Happy Birthday -you can now visit the liquor store. Love, Jillian
Mikelle Dionne. She is TWENTY-ONE today. That thing that I said about the liquor store? That's only half-kidding. Kelle is an INSANE cook (and now she can get real wine to cook with, which is apparently superior to cooking wine. Or at least that's the story she's sticking to. Riiiiiight.)  But seriously.  We have like a chicken breast and some spices and a half-a-cup of CousCous and 15 minutes after Mikelle it is voila! A mouthwatering masterpiece. Also, if you're ever in the neighborhood, I highly recommend the chocolate-chip cookies. (Please ignore that they have an entire stick of butter in them. It's worth it.)

Near the beginning. Mads @ the grand america.

I remembered the other day the first time I met Mikelle. It was in Honors English sophomore year in high school, and she was talking about Jenna. I thought she meant this other Jenna, so I asked her about it and... we discovered it wasn't the same person. Unless Jenna is a closet-gymnast. VERY compelling stuff, right? But that is the first thing I remember about Mikelle. Fast forward to junior year and we are all in the play together and in A Capella, thinking about trying out for Mads etc etc... and we became F R I E N D S.

We went through Senior year together, came to BYU, began Breakfast club, and stayed friends. That doesn't happen often, I'm told. But, what can I say? Mikelle and I are kind of kindred spirits. We have a lot of the same concerns and aspirations. We like to discuss Machiavelli (like, as in, we actually enjoy it) and I feel like I can tell her almost anything.

kelle with one of her 'babies'

This past January, Kelle moved to China for 6 months to teach English. Consequently, we eat a lot of weirdy Chinese stuff and hear Mandarin non. stop. But it's okay - when she got home from China, she understood how I felt about coming home from England and that was very nice. I was grateful that someone else was adjusting the same way I did.

Here are some other miscellaneous things to know about Mikelle. She cannot resist a sale. She will buy it because it is on sale, even if we don't particularly need it. She is borderline OCD about cleanliness but, hello, welcome to my childhood home. I feel very home with her. I admire so much how genuinely sweet and generous she is. I have never heard or seen her do something to intentionally hurt or snub someone. (Way to not be a girl, Kelle!). And her generosity is an awesome example to me.

Now, Kelle is putting her mission papers in. She is going to be such a fantastic missionary. I am excited for her, and I love her for her incredible example of faith. Kelle and I have had some very important religious talks in my life. She has helped me to see things more clearly and calmed me down when I worried. I am forever grateful that she has been there for me to talk to, unload on, and toss ideas around with. I'm quite going to miss her come January. 

For now, she is my "friend first, roommate second." :]

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


“The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.”
― Chinese Proverb


i am team peeta. nothing in the world will change this.
and if you HAVE to make a movie out of these books too (please, don't, just for the record?)

i would like for this man to play my true love:

mmmm liam. you will do nicely.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet The Brothers Karamozov*

*I don't know if this is a negative denotation. I've never read it yet. 

"Friend Friday" is going to be a success. Because this semester I am receptionist on Fridays. And let me tell you, it is the farthest thing from "busy" you can be. (In fact, one of the counselors just walked by and commented on it.)
Today, I'm going to hit 2 birds with 1 stone. These are said birds:
500 years ago when Jony was a baby - at James' homecoming

love my brothers. If you know me well at all, you probably know that. I love them. I used to want a sister, but now couldn't be more thrilled that it's me and the fellas. So let's take them one at a time:

James with one of the cutest boys on the earth - my cousin Tayler. And Jony being on drugs. 
James Anthony (whose name was almost Amandre. I am so glad he was not a girl.) is 22. Almost 23. He is, honestly, the best older brother in the nation. When I was little, I would follow James around all the time. I just totally worshiped him. I remember playing "Inventor's Daughter" in the basement with him: He was the inventor and I was his daughter... so he probably didn't call it "Inventors Daughter", but I did. I also remember when we were little, we used to play war. Once he tied my hands together (cause I was his POW, obviously) and left me in the laundry room. Rude. But it's fine, it was character building right? Then, good old Bryan Bennett and Aly Smith came along and I was no longer tailing him everyplace. 

You're going to see a trend here. Stay tuned.

James got older, all the while being a world-class example to me and Jony. You hear about "The Golden Child" but that's honestly James. He went on his mission October of my Junior year in high school. He was such a fantastic missionary, and I know he loved every minute of it.

Now, James is at the U (after a semester in Ptown he ABANDONED me) finishing up his generals before he goes into Pre-Physical Therapy classes. He is going to be the BEST Physical Therapist in the world. Seriously, people are going to fly from all over to visit him, I just know it. 

James, you are a gentleman and a scholar :]. You are all the good things: calm, kind, motivated, giving. You are going to be a wonderful husband. Please marry someone I like, please please please. But if you can't, at least marry someone who is good enough for you. That is my only wish.

Maybe I will introduce you to Bear Grylls after all...

Oh, Jonathan you are such a lady killer. (I gave him those glasses.)

Ooooh Jony. What a rocky road Jony and I have had. He is 3 years younger than me. And I swear, from his first breath, he has known me better than anyone else on the planet. I say this because he knows exactly what to do to get under my skin. I think every single scar I have has to do with Jony. Maybe it's payback for all the times he played dress up in his early childhood, I don't know. We are constantly in competition of some sort. I don't mean for any of this to sound negative, P.S. Jony is one motiving kid that way. And sure, he has tendencies to annoy the bleep out of me, but underneath all of that is a remarkable kid.

Jony is 17 right now. (Holy cow, that is so nuts that he is 17. I was just barely 17.) He is a junior in high school. And all he does is play basketball. Or do anything James does. It's been that way from the beginning. Jony loves James. I mean, we all love James but Jony especially does. There was time when Jony would only listen to one person. That person was neither of my parents, it was James. 

See?? What's with the "eyes closed" in all pictures with me?

Actually... Jony is eyes closed all the time. 

There are so many things I admire about Jony. First is the fact that he can talk to anyone. Effortlessly, he can just strike up a conversation. I am SO jealous of that. He is also a really well rounded kid. He loves playing sports and watching sports, but he also loveshistory. If we are on vacation, and there is a museum around, please believe we will be there. He also is good at math - wierdo. He is way left brained, which I just don't get and will never be. Another thing I admire and am so grateful for is how incredibly forgiving Jony is. No matter WHAT I have done to him (and trust me, I am not always the picture of sweetness. I know, shocker.) he has always always always given me a second chance. He always forgives me, way more quickly than I sometimes deserve. It is honestly the thing I am amazed at most in my little brother.

That and the fact that he is now, what? 6'1"? I love that he is tall! It make me feel short - which is a way good feeling for a girl that has been 5' 7.7" for since like... the 9th grade. When all the boys were still 4'11". 

We are in Hawaii. Excuse me looking mondo-retarded.

My brothers. They are phenom. And we watch movies together, which I love. Sometimes I get jealous that they are at home together and I'm here away at school. But it's just cause I love them, think they are both the coolest cats on the block, and miss them. I will always be grateful for them. They are first-class gentlemen. 

The ladies can only hope to be so lucky. 

i want this so badly

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yes, hello, this is Copenhagen, Denmark.  This city is in the top 5 places I want to go someday. Doesn't it look just perfect?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Meet Sarah Gunnerson

At Graduation. 
Today, my friend Sar sent me a text. She knows me so so well and her text made me quite glad. Not just because of what she said, but because she knew to say it. (it's the friends you can, on any given day, text N Sync lyrics to that matter, right?) ... (that wasn't what the text said this time though). 

Anyway, I just was thinking how dearly I adore my good amiga and thought I'd blog about my friends from time to time. I can call it "Friends Friday" or something kitschy like that.

Let me tell you all about Sar. We have been friends for a long while. I call her Sar because, once upon a time, in the forth grade, we both watched a Hallmark Original Movie (I'm thinking it was called, "Follow the Stars Home" or something. Maybe.) Anyway, the next day, when we discovered this I was talking like one of the girls in the movie (who apparently drops the ends of her words totally off and changes the vowel sound - right. Not likely.) It's been love ever since.

On Senior Trip. Little did we know what awaited us...

Sar is an incredibly talented musician (which she probably gets from Aunt Vicki - Mo-Tab Soprano extraordinaire). Her voice is just stunning - not exaggerating. It was my goal in high school to get her to try out for American Idol. And she can play the piano extremely well. I've been pretty jealous of that on occasion. 

The Gunnersons have the world's best cabin! I love it. I've been there often and have never ever had less than a wonderful time.This one time that we went there, we had to trudge through feet and feet of snow to get there. It was one of the BEST things we've ever done. This was probably the time that the winter bathroom's door froze open. Once there, we roast things outside, listen to top-notch tunes, or record our visit in the Cabin Log Book (I wrote one. Twas very colorful.) I LOVE Sar's cabin. LOVE. 

At said cabin.

My friend Sar gets me. Which is so nice. I wish we saw each other more, but even though we don't, we can pick up exactly like we've never been apart. No awkwardness, no fidgety language. We can be really weird together (and have the video footage to prove it) and can have pretty darn deep discussions as well.
The first time I ever cried about a boy, I went to Sar's. And thank goodness she lived right across the street. I've decided since that Sar has this neato nurturing quality about her. Because when bad stuff happens or I feel alone, sometimes I just want to talk to Sar. Cause, like I said, she gets me. :] And she's going to be a fantastic mommy. I bet her nieces and nephews agree.

Look how enthusiastic I am.

I have a thousand memories that have to do with her so it's difficult to pick one to share. 

Sar and I both love books. A lot. (She might have been the very first person I talked to after I finished Catching Fire today. SO GOOD.) I remember one Saturday that was dark and snowy all day long. We made a fire in Sar's family room fireplace, ate cookies, and read Little Women. She and I have done many many things together; road-trips, theme parks, and high school for crying out loud. But, in some kind of poetic way, that is the memory that I choose when I think of Sar.
... The "vinegah", ketchup blood, and spatula murder night is a very close second... But seriously. I have a million-thousand. I'm fighting to keep them down. 

And she is so funny. 
So, Sar. My dearest. I love you. I hope that you already know that, but just in case here is a grand sweeping emotional post about you. 

More than cheesecake forever.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

first week

I have been in Provo for a week. It has been a great week! I love my major (debating going for my MFA... hold the phones!), love the roommates, and LOVE my London pals.

First of all, here's a before and after of me and mom's summer project this year:

start with four canvases and a can of blackboard spray paint

and end with the cutes message boards for my lovey's to leave notes on. Cute, no??

Next we will talk about my room. Cause I have my own one. It's rad. 

let me point out some important things in this room.
1. I made that quilt. Well... me and madre made that quilt. Last summer. I will always love it.
2. My built in bookshelves. yeahyeah! I love them.
3. My guitar.... my fingers hurt. 
4. Catching Fire - there, on the bed. I haven't finished yet, don' ruin it for me! But know that I LOVE IT SO MUCH. And Peeta. Since teams are all the rage now-a-days, I am def team Peeta.

Tuesday we had our first LONDON reunion cause KATE was in from Chicago/LA/New York. She and Tyler are such travelers. Anyway, it was the most fun. I love you all. And we miss you if you're not here in P-town, guaranteed. 

Since we were all running around, yelling and eating (basically how London itself went, come to think of it) I have few pictures. Here are the ones I do have. From the end of the night.

(I never was good at the taking-pictures-that-I'm-supposed-to-be-in-also thing.)


  (LOOOOOVE you guys.)

Also, go UTES!!!! That was one freaking intense game, yeah?
Loving it. I'm going to have a boom-diggety weekend.