Monday, August 29, 2011

Crazy Week

Hi family! I am feeling better. Let me tell you about this week!

So. Monday was Zone P-Day and it was SO fun! We played kickball (yes. outside. in 110 degree weather. and 200% humidity. but it was so fun.) Here is a picture of it. I love our Zone. Elder Serdar (one of my Zone Leaders) goes home at the end of this transfer to SANDY, UTAH so I am trying to figure out if I need to send anything to you guys with him. We'll see. He is a great Zone Leader. Monday was so fun, and I loved playing kick ball. We have an Elder from "The Kingdom.... of Tonga" (that's how he always says it. So great.) in our zone and I LOVE him. He's so funny. He did the Haka for us afterward, but I don't know if it will attach. My pictures are not attaching lately.

The rest of this week we were still struggling. I am a stress basket, and have totally lost my appetite and don't eat very much, which is stupid because I need food to live.. but what can you do? I am also not sleeping all the way through the night? Any ideas of how to help me out? Either way, even if I have this for the rest of my mission, I will continue to go forward. Because that's the only intelligent thing to do. (If you can find a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" by Lawrence E. Corbridge, READ IT. That is where this idea comes from). But I would really like to not feel like I'm going to die for the next 16 months.

Thursday we had Zone... Conference? I think. Yeah it was conference, because there were 2 Zones and President and Sister Crawford were there and the assistants. It was awesome. We talked about Strength through Obedience. Oh. My. Gosh. Obedience is so genius. Elder Holland told us in his talk "Obedience is the first law of EVERYTHING." (I will tell you more about that soon). The rules of a mission are in place so that we can function. As missionaries no matter what level of experience we are at, if we follow obediently the schedule, we will survive. We will make it. We will fulfill our purpose and be effective.

Thursday night we had exchanges and I GOT TO GO TO HUMBLE WITH SISTER COCHRAN! It was the greatest ever. She helped me so much. Seriously. She has come so far and changed so much and become so much since I first met her. Not that she was bad by ANY means before, but she really has just embraced the changes that you HAVE TO make as a missionary. I love her. I am so proud of her. And we work so hard together and have SO much fun together. We set a baptismal date in the 22 hours we were together. Not to say "Oh we are so great! Look at us!" but rather to say "We function really well as a team". I love her. I was so happy.

To end our exchange we went to Elder Holalnd. It was incredible. Oh. My. GOSH. I will have to write a letter and explain it better. It was remarkable. He is an Apostle of the Lord. So cool. He comes in, the guy conducting (Elder Neilson or something. He played in the NFL. Sweet.) stands up and says "Elder Holland would like to shake each one of your hands." So we all went in a line and shook his hand. I shook ELDER HOLLAND's HAND!!! It was an incredible talk about obedience, about his love for us, and about working hard. It was a lot like his talk "missionary work and the atonement" but tailored to fit us. I still can't believe he came.

But we went to this chapel in the Texas Houston Mission, and the other 2 missions were there!!! Do you know what that MEANS? I saw my MTC people!! I almost cried. I am such a missionary, I thought "Dude. This is what the celestial kingdom is like... times 7000." We just will see all the people that we loved so much here on earth. And it is going to be an incredible feeling, because seeing them was an incredible feeling. Also, do you remember Melody Haslam? Or Dani Woodland? Yeah they were both there. Nuts. I had such an uplifting time. I saw Elder Curtis and FREAKED out haha. And we talked to Sister Hurren. And Elder Boehmer. And Elder Leishman, the redhead, we talked to him for a few minutes. I love them. They all look SO GOOD! Missions are agreeing with them. I pray they're doing well. Elder Holland is so great. Another thing he said was "You are NO RIGHT to defile the tradition of missionary work! It has always been hard. There has never been an easy mission." and he said " Welcome to the work." and he said "You are the most prayed for group of people on the earth, aside from President Monson." and all kinds of things. I will have to get my journal sometime and write them out. God hears our prayers. He answers them. Elder Holland came to my mission. That was a specific prayer, and not a small thing to pray for either.

Saturday was JAMES BAPTISM!! Oh, my GOSH. I love James. I am so excited for him. Brother Gold baptized him and it was so cool. James is going to make it. He is going to stay strong. I don't want to take away from how excited I was for him - Because it was a lot. I am so happy for him and his happiness - but Saturday I had a thought. And it was like John Candy... no it's not John Candy. On Cool Runnings? Whoever that guy is is was like "Jillian, a baptism is a wonderful thing. But if you're not enough without it, you'll never be enough with it." I don't know if I was waiting to be validated by a baptism (to be like "You're fulfilling your purpose, you're baptizing, you're a good missionary") But I still feel the same way about me as a missionary. About my shortcomings. My happiness for James was separate. I am SO happy for him, but it did not make me feel like I was finally a missionary. James was just so ready anyway, you know? He just soaked it all up and went forward. He texted us one day (after like the 3rd lesson) and was like "Hey, can we drink soda pop?" and I was over the moon about it! "Can WE"???? Love it. He is awesome. Yesterday he was confirmed in church and he is so going to make it!! I am so happy for him. We have a great ward, I realize. I just have to relax. They have taken James in. So many people were at the baptism.

Saturday night we had a little surprise birthday party for Sister Lundgren! And it was so fun. The only thing I have from that party (it was with 3 sets of Elders that live in Kingwood) is a video. So you won't see it I don't think. Then last night we had a party at the Cruz family's house. Sister Lundgren is so beloved here in Kingwood.

Transfers are coming up. I keep having a heart attack whenever I think about it. So I try not to think about it.

When I was in Humble with Sister Cochran, I realized that I just think entirely too much about myself. I need to stop doing that. But it is kind of hard to never think about myself. I sound so selfish, but I just find it a little difficult. I'm working on it.

I love you so much.

JAMES. You are literally the best older brother on the planet. Seriously. Your only fault is that you have not sent me p90x. But i'm like... never eating anymore haha. so i'm not gaining any weight currently. That should change though. I hope. Still send me some workouts okay? Thanks! I am so proud of you James!!!!! Your letter is gold. I loved it. I will write you back. You have such a way of saying things clearly and yet relatably. I don't know if that's a word. But thank you. I have read it several times. I think it helps to know that you have just barely done what I'm doing. It makes me feel less alone.

Jonny. Another week. And no letter. Come on, man. :] Just do it! You will do better in school if you write me. I think that's somewhere in the Doctrine and Covenants. haha.

Mom, thanks for your letter!! I love hearing about your life! I can't wait to come home and do fun things with you!! How is work? I hope it's feeling more normal since school in in session. The heat, you asked, and humidity, is AWESOME for my skin. haha. At least it is good for something... but I think i'd rather have bad skin and less heat. And a crock pot would be so cool, but you're right I just need to buy one here. Shipping wouldn't be cheap. or easy. i love you.

Dad, I can't wait for your letter! I can't wait to hear what is going on in your life. How is the stake? How are the missionares? You are such a great leader dad! You really are. Being on the "other side" in Ward Council and PEC and etc, makes me realize how awesome you are.

I love you all so much. You are so great to me. I love hearing from you. Thank you always for praying for me. I love you let me know if I can do anything for you.

And to my AMIGOS Y AMIGAS!!! I love hearing from you. Keep it coming. :]

Monday, August 22, 2011


Okay, Oh my GOSH, you are not going to BELIEVE how blessed I am. I am so blessed that I don't deserve it at all, but I will take it. Because I want to be happy, and God wants me to be happy. And so He blesses me.

Here goes.


This last Thursday night we got a couple of texts in a row. I was writing in my journal, so I didn't check the phone. When I finally did, there was one from Sister Cochran and it said "Can you believe who is coming to see us, Sister Hicken? Are you so excited right now?"

So then I checked the texts from Atascocita. And it said (drum roll please)

"Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the quorum of the 12 apostles will be coming to speak to us next Friday night. Please be at such and such a place at this time."

I SCREAMED!!! Literally, so loud. I was jumping around, sister Lundgren thought somebody was in our house or something, and I was on cloud nine. I prayed for this, specifically guys. I prayed for Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the quorum of the 12 apostles. I wrote in my journal on the 2nd day of the MTC, that I know Heavenly Father would send Elder Holland to the MTC just for me... or to my mission. And He did. Call that whatever you want, but I know this is a blessing for me. It is a blessing for probably a lot of people, but I am beyond convinced that it is a blessing for me.

But wait, there's more.

It gets even BETTER. This happens to be what Elder Orndorff calls a "Tri Wizard Tournament" and the other two houston missions are going to be in attendance! This means that I will see a girl from High School, and MY MTC ELDERS!!!!!!!!!!! (The houston ones are boehmer, curtis the distric leader, and leishman the redhead). I am freaking out. I AM SO EXCITED.

I am so grateful.


Last monday, obviously as my e-mail stated, I was having a hard time. I can't tell you how awesome it was to get your letters and to open your package mom! I seriously have the best family in the world. And the best MOTHER in the world. You are so incredible. So that was such a blessing to me. All of your prayers and attention and love are such blessings. Thank you. PLUS I got a letter from Jenna Douglass!!! Jenna, if you read this, I love you so much, I will write back asap, and you are so awesome girl! I am so proud of you!!


Monday night, (AHHHH this is so exciting) I saw Ross Andrus - FROM LONDON! WHAT?!??!?! Yes. I did. We went over and talked about London for way too long and it was the best night ever. I love LONDON. And I got a letter from Kate (speaking of London) and she sent me Galaxy chocolate. I love London. I continue to be grateful EVERY day that I got to go. It was perfect. And seeing Ross made my.... Day/Week/MONTH/LIFE!! It was so great. I will attach a picture.


James is getting baptized this Saturday, and he is so ready. I wish I could bring you all to our discussions. He is so changed, so happy, so converted, so centered. And it's all postitive. He is so great, and the ward is so great with him, and he is going to have so much more quality in his life. His environment is bad, and he doesn't like it. He has had so much pain already in his life, and he wants to change his life. And I am SO excited for him!! I will send pictures of the first baptism of someone that I "found" and "taught" the whole thing to next monday! AHHHHHHH! I am going to have the BEST WEEK of my mission!

All of these blessings. There are more. But I will stop at 4. Even with all of these blessings, which I don't want to diminish because they are so good, we have been having a hard time. And that's okay. Because I am still alive, and I am still learning, and I am going to chuck this ikcy yucky sick nasty perfectionist business out the window. ONCE AND FOR ALL. It will be a process, but I will get through it.


We went to the mission home this morning. Last night, I talked with president crawford finally about how I was feeling, and I feel so much better. It was so good, and he is so great. A perfect-for-me mission president! And his wife is just the best! sister Crawford makes me feel so safe here. last night, sister lundgren had a really bad night. really bad. So we called the mission office at like 1:45 in the morning. And then we were up til like 4:30-4:45, and then we had gotten a flat yesterday so we had to get that changed by 8, and then we went to the mission home, and now we are e-mailing before zone p-day. ay caramba! this is a lot. but we are learning, and adjusting, and becoming. we are becoming better people.

I don't know why particularly this has been so hard for me. MISSIONS ARE HARD. i know I hated that before I left, but I am fully immersed in the difficulties now and that is just the quickest word for it. This is hard. Sometimes it is really not fun. But I am learning and becoming so much different and so much better.

So that's what it comes down to. I know I need to relax and not be so hard on myself. But I am struggling. Big time. And life is going on, but I am struggling. I know you do, but please pray for me. and pray for sister lundgren. and for president and sister crawford. i wish that I wasn't struggling so I didn't have to add trouble and stress to their already full plates, but I know that I need to. They are here to help me. And when I am strengthened, I can strengthen those around me. i know this.

I love you all. I am going to make it out of this, and come home next christmas being stronger and better than ever. but right now it is really hurty. And i don't like it. But i will keep going. Haha just like tom hanks says "i'm going to get up every morning, and breathe in and out. and after a while, i won't have to remind myself to get up every morning and breathe in and out." i'm going to keep going.

it will be alright in the end. i trust God. i will believe in Good Things to come.

I hope you're all okay! I do want to hear about everything at home!

James thanks for the beard picture. Nice work.

Jonny you started school, like TODAY, huh? YOU ARE A SENIOR. That is so bizarre. How's everything. you need to write to me, mmkay pumpkin?? gracias.

Dad, thank you a million times for being the best dad ever. I have realized that I have been looking for you in... pretty much every priesthood leader I see. I want you to be here. But you're not, and if you were supposed to be here, you would be. So you are where you should be, and I am where I should be. But know that I love you. And I am so grateful for you and how you've always been to me.

and Mommy, what can I say to you?? You are my best friend and my mommy. And i wish you were here. But I will be home lickety split (kind of) and we will hang out together ALL the time. I love you. Love wilsy too :]

Have a good week. Let me know how your lives are. I want to hear what is happening with you. That way, I feel like part of you guys are here, ya know?



Monday, August 8, 2011


Hi family. Missions are intense, wow. I am constantly learning things about myself. Like 25 hours a day. But, me and Sister Lundgren were talking and she said if I hadn't come on a mission, I would have discovered all of this when I got married. Haha so really, this is just a blessing and a bonus for my husband. Lucky him.

So. Karen no longer has a baptismal date. She won't quit smoking, and she won't say a prayer. So we are kind of at a stand still. Because she wants to be baptized, but she cannot be baptized without hard work. And it's a blessing that feels so good, but it also IS hard work. And we are needing to be bold with her. Haha we tried the virtue of silence with her last time... and it was SO awkward. hahahaa oh my gosh, it is hilarious now - THAT is how awkward it was. We asked her to pray, and she said no and we had talked with Elder Orondorff about the necessity of silence so... we were silent. hahahahah oh baby. I just like... stared at the ground with a strained smile on my face... because I struggle with silence. I do not like it, but I know I need to accept it and use it because that is when the spirit teaches and also because people need to face up to what their doing and if I am constantly saying "oh, it's okay blah blah blah" nothing gets through to them. Does this make any sense? I obviously am still struggling with the principle of silence.

James is doing SO GOOD though. He came to church yesterday. And he hugged us. In the chapel. I was having a heart attack. We have needed to set him straight on missionary rules, but it really has been difficult because of circumstances. So finally, after church, Sister Lundgren was like "Just so you know, we have these rules as missionaries to follow, and one of them is we can't hug men. So we'll just have to do hand shakes from now on." And he took it fine, but I seriously was having a HEART. ATTACK. Because I'm like "Oh my gosh, the ward is going to see us and see this 22-year-old kid giving us a hug and they are going to think 'Ooooh, so they're THOSE kind of Sister Missionaries. And all they do is flirt-to-convert.'!!!!" Which is NOT true. We don't. James is doing well though. We are still on for August 20th. He is getting involved in the ward.

Speaking of the ward. I am feeling better about it all. I really do love the ward. There is a prevailing attitude of "I can't do church work, I already have too much do to!" (that is how PEC goes. Every time. Defensive, defensive, defensive) but I am changing my attitude. Most of the problems that Im stressing about are MY problems. Like it is MY deal, I need to fix myself up. There is also, like, the world's best family in our ward. They are the Gold family, and the dad is like the coolest member of the church I have ever met. He is honestly the BEST fellowshipper on the planet, and I know this because every person we teach and think "Who could be they're fellowshipper?" we think "Brother Gold." But he is so great. He gave James a ride home from church yesterday and then he called us and was like "if you could schedule things in the evening, that would be great, so that I can be there." and I just am so appreciative to Brother Gold. He is how I want to be when I get home from my mission. I want to help the missionaries. Cause this is missionary work stuff is DIFFICULT.

This last week I went on my very first exchange! Me and Sister Cochran switched places for the day. It was fun! I went down to Humble, Texas (pronounced " Umble ", no H). Whilst in Humble, Texas I found a Car/Dog Wash. Scooters Car/Dog Wash. I thought it was so funny, so I took a picture. If you ever bring Wils to Humble, Texas we have a place where we can wash him AND wash the car! All at the same time! A dream come true! haha. The exchange was cool. I felt so relieved to be in an area that was not mine, because I feel so responsible for Porter/New Caney. Which is good, but I'm pretty sure I'm taking it too far. I need to just RELAX. I'm such a perfectionist. And because I expect myself to be perfect, I expect everyone else to be perfect. Not consciously, but subconsciously. See what I mean about my mission being a blessing for whoever I marry??? Yes. 100%. Haha.

We had so many members come out with us this week. OH my gosh. They are good. I feel bad asking people to do missionary work, because I know they're busy, sometimes. But we need members so bad. So we are so grateful when they come out with us. James, do you ever go out with the Elders? I don't know if we can do such things in the SL missions, but I can't see why not. Obviously, you guys know best and if you are too busy then don't push yourself to do it, but maybe if you have extra time one day, it would be a good thing to just go out with the missionaries for 1 hour? I'm not trying to, like, ask you to go out with the missionaries. But that is just an idea. I know it would help them so much if members in our stake would just do 1 hour a week, or 1 hour a month. So many of the members are returned missionaries - they KNOW how much they needed members. Maybe remind them of that. I know you guys are busy though. That's why we have WARD missionaries, right?? Tell that to the ward missionaries. We don't have ward missionaries so much in Tejas.. or I don't know them.

What else about this week... It is.... beyond hot. There is no word to describe how hot it is. I want to shoot myself when we are tracting in the daytime. SICK. It is sick. And people are like "What are y'all doing outside in this weather You are nuts." and I'm like "yes, yes we are nuts. I have no idea why we are outside right now because it is not healthy." I am going to be feeling much better when October comes. General Conference AND cooler weather. A dream.

This week I also had a little bit of a hard time because people are mean to us when we tract. Some people are so nice, but some people are really rude and I guess my skin isn't that thick because it affects me. I am like... offended or hurt, I guess, when they are rude but I also stress because then they have a negative view of the CHURCH. And that is the last thing I want them to get from me. But all of these things will come with time. Missions are a process, and processes are how we come to know the Savior. His life was a process, not a single event (recognize that James? :] )

How was everything this week?? JONNAY!!! how was your BIRTHDAY??! You are legal now. That is very exciting. James, how was Red Fish? I want a picture of the beard. Print it THIS WEEK and send it to me. Muchas gracias. Mommy, how is work and life with my puppy? and how is grandma? Dad, how is work also? And how is the stake and how are YOU :]? I love you guys so much. SOOO very much. I wish there was a cooler word for it than "very".

P.S. thank you for the Weavers address, I am going to try to write them today. Everyone at the church (we go to the church for p-day) always makes me feel guilty for writing letters. they're just so jealous.

BUT, I also forgot that Taylor Smith was leaving!! That is so exciting. Can you send me his MTC mailbox #? Could you get that? I want to write to him. I always liked Taylor, ever since we were Trek brothers and sisters. I'm sure he'll be a great missionary. Thank you for everything. I love you so so so SOOOOO.

P.P.S mom you asked about mosquitos. I have a picture to send to you but you must promise never to show another living soul. it looks like the chicken pox. And i am whiter than the day.

Monday, August 1, 2011

feliz cumpleanos, a mi hermano guapo!

feliz cumpleanos, a mi hermano guapo!Monday, August 1, 2011 3:55 PMFrom: "Jillian Hicken" attachments5 Files (11 MB)

Download AllSAM_2815.JPGSAM_2831.JPGSAM_2832.JPGSAM_2833.JPGSAM_2827.JPG(i think that means "happy birthday to my handsome brother!"... i hope that is what that means haha.)

YOU ARE EIGHTEEN!!!!!!! WHAAAAAT? I hope your birthday is the best. I have told everyone that it's your birthday today. Today is transfers so we are hanging with the companionless Elders. I told them it was your birthday, and that you are 18 and you are so cool. If you haven't already, check your e-mail I sent you something. You are cool. Have a cool day. Do some cool things.

How's everything? I love it when you tell me details about what's going on at home - keep em coming! It doesn't make me distracted, it makes me feel connected. I promise. :]

Oh, my family. Hi. This week has been.. yikes. I have a lot of pictures to send because WE WENT TO THE HOUSTON TEMPLE THIS WEEK! It was so beautiful and so uplifting to be there. It felt like someone opened me up and poured light directly into my core. AH, it was perfect. We are so lucky to have a temple close by. I felt like I wanted to share the light that is in the temple with people. The Crawfords were there when we went to the temple, that was incredible! I really love the Crawfords.

Okay so the yikes part. Oh the ward. I love the ward, they are so good to feed us and love us. But I feel so stressed out. It's not so much the ward, but being at church is kind of awful. Yesterday we had someone come up to us and tell us that there are certain things we will need to do with a less-active woman, because she has some mental problems, so there are certain things that we will need to do with her and for her. And I was like "Um, no." There is a huge misunderstanding of what missionaries are in the ward for, I think. So I am a little stressed.

Karen is doing well, but not well at the same time. The only reason she is not doing well is... picture this. There is Karen in the middle of a baseball field and then a Red Team and a Blue Team. The Red Team thinks she needs one thing, and they are vocal about it. Karen lives with the Red Team, so she really trusts them and puts SO MUCH STOW on what they say (it is driving me nuts). We told Karen she has to quit smoking immediately to be baptized on August 13, when she wants to be baptized (Becuase the umpire told us that. The umpire is a little uninterested in the game, he just wants us to do what he tells us to, because he is so busy which is fine. I know he's got a lot to deal with). The Blue team is Karen's family, so she doesn't want to hurt them, but she is a little more defensive with them. And The Red Team and The Blue Team both have different rules that they want to play by. And everyone is against everyone and the umpire is against them all to a degree. And Karen is in the middle and being heavily influenced and I just can't be on either team because all I want to do is what Preach My Gospel says. It is incredibly stressful. I kind of want to just throw in the towell on this one. Red Team's CAPTAIN called us last night after we told her about quitting smoking because he wants to "discuss some things" and I'm like "Excuse me, I am the missionary teaching Karen. If you have a problem with me, don't tell Karen- tell me. Directly." When we were at dinner with the Red Team this week, CAPTAIN told us (right in front of Karen) "I was EXTREMELY upset when I heard about the baptism getting pushed back. I was FURIOUS. But we'll talk about that another time." And it's just like I don't know what to do. I am tired of walking on egg shells with the ward. I am tired of trying so hard not to offend anyone. I am tired of trying to please everyone and everyone microscoping me. This is a little difficult. I think I'm making it difficult to a degree, but the ward IS contributing to my stress. I just am clueless about what to do. Because I think that it's ME that is going to have to change, and switch my attitude but I am overwhelmed with all the changes I need to make. Every e-mail I send sounds so negative, I'm sorry. There are good things that happen, but I am a very stressed about the big things.

We have another investigator with a baptismal date! His name is James and he is 22. And he is so great. We taught him the Restoration and he was beaming and so happy and you could feel the power of the Spirit. He has had a really difficult short life. He already has 2 kids and is divorced. His younger brother died suddenly one year ago. And his mom is in jail for drugs I think. But he is so great. We are going to meet with him a lot and he is going to make it. I wish there were RM age young men in our ward. Because we kind of need that for a lot of our investigators and less-active members.

It is transfers and Sister Lundgren and I are still here, in Porter!! But that was expected. The Zone Leaders called us Saturday night to tell me that I was training. Whatever. They love to mess with me because I am new. I'm not training. Hahaha oh my gosh that would be a catastrophe!

I'm stressed. I am really stressing. And this new responsibility I feel for the ward and for the area is so unclear. I don't know how much I should feel responsible, cause at this moment I feel responsible for a lot. I feel like we are doing WAY too much "home and visiting teaching" and the members think that's cool because their teachees are less active or whatever. So the missionaries should go right? This is what I'm saying about the misconception of the purpose of missionaries. It is a good ward, but it is stressing me so much. I love it when we're with some of the Elders because I am way less stressed? I don't know why, but it takes away a little of the stress for me. I was thinking this week that there is 100% a reason that I came to this mission, and one of them is the family mentality of it. It really is a family. The Elders always hug each other, the sisters always hug each other. We all look out for one another. And we are a family. And if I have to be away from my family and dealing with these crazy things, I am glad I have a good family watching my back.

I'm sorry this is shorter this week. I love you guys so much. I don't want you to focus on me and my issues and stresses, so I'm sorry if it is bad for me to tell you all of this. I am enjoying my mission - so much. But I am also a nervous wreck some days. Haha what a joy I must be for Sister Lundgren. I think I'm just have my "new missionary freak out" a few weeks late - a transfer late.

So, what do you think, can we do 8 more of these? I've been gone for 2 months, so if we can do that 8 more times I'll be back! That's starting to be a little sad. This week, though, I feel like it will be a relief.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Have a good week. Pray hard. I am going to write you, Dad, about my ideas on missionary work. From what I understand, member involvement for some things is a little different in Salt Lake. But I will write you what I think and what I would want. One thing that WE really need is member to come to lessons with us, or drive us to lessons, or allow us to come to their homes for teaching appointments. I will expound on it, but just know that is one of the things WE need. People to come out with us.

LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I pray for you that you're all well and that you'll be blessed.

I'm trying to work hard.

Thank you to EVERYONE who wrote me this week. You are so good to me. I am so blessed. I can't tell you how much it is a lift to get something in the mail after the endless "Red/Blue battles".

There is the girls, the girls with the ZLs and me and Sister Lundgren. And me and Sister cochran with ELDER CURTIS. Oh my gosh. I love Elder Curtis. He is from the MTC. He's the best!

And Sister Baldwin, PS, is doing phenominal. She got a letter from her dad, read it, and all the sudden she is on fire and committed and wants to be here. So cool.