Thursday, July 6, 2017

two babies later

18 months... that's long enough for someone to have 2 babies. (I haven't done that, by the way, no cigar).
I want to start something; a business? A podcast? Both? I think I want to be a journalist. I don't want to go back to school, but I want to write and I want to get stories and I want to connect with people.
List of Podcasts I'm listening to:

  • No Limits With Rebecca Jarvis: My favorite one. She is a broadcast journalist interviewing women "at the top of their game". She interviews so well, she asks amazing questions, and the stories are digestible and easy to relate to.
  • Munchin with Moguls: a local pocasts interviewing "moguls" which turns out to be women with large instagram followings. It's very interesting and compelling because it is dripping in the culture I am immersed in. I've contacted her to ask if I can help her work on the podcast
  • 30 for 30 by ESPN: I love sports, I love sports stories. There is emotion and struggle and victory and defeat and there's always a winner and a loser in a world that doesn't always give me that in clear terms. 

Those 3 are my tops right now (and to be honest, haven't listened to 30 for 30, but it trust it enough to recommend it anyway). 

Watching Utah Jazz Summer League, gotta jet.