Saturday, February 27, 2010

flannery o'conner

this woman is a genius. read "A Good Man is Hard to Find". It blew me away. southern charm coming out of it's ears.

a long time ago...

I had this really great weekend. And I promised to blog about it.

So Friday February 12 around seven o'clock my hot date picked me up...

And we ate at Zupas. My hot date paid. She is the just the sweetest. We had our picture taken because, duh, we were on an important Valentines Day weekend date. It was only right.

So, two or three tables away there sat a boy couple - "Could that be a hot date just like ours?" we wondered. We talked about joining forces with these fellas, so I guess you could say we sent them a vibe or two. Anyway we are walking out and they stop us and are like "Hey, can we have your opinion on something?" Our opinion. Right. So we had a nice chat in which these boys just hit us up quite a bit. Therefore, we celebrated once we were safely in the car.

Then I am sorry to say I ditched Jenna. But, come on- if Fabio wanted a moment or two alone with you, you'd take it. We look so good together. Ten bucks if you can tell me what celeb's smile I am making...

We were late getting inside the theater and then we had to buy popcorn (which was actually definitely not worth it, p.s. but I did try out some of Brian Regan's material for him with the cashier.) So we sat here. In the row behind the very front. Yikes. We are high class.

We saw Valentines Day! Here are my thoughts on the it. It was good. It was fine. I enjoyed being there and every famous person in the world is in the movie (and all the extras from Princess Diaries. Neat.) But I did not need to pay 8.25 to see it. I maybe should have paid a dollar for it. It was scattered and a little baby bit too raunchy for yours truly. But I still liked it. I will recommend it without reservation when it comes to the Provo Cinema 8.

And then... we attempted to play this incredible factoid game - Fact or Crap. But we wanted to take videos of ourselves singing instead. Those are not going to be published. Ever. Here's a picture of the Fact or Crap tokens though. That's all you get.

And, we saw this super hot couple. We wished we could be just like them. Everyone wished this -we could tell.

So then... I went home. To the 84121. Can I just say how MUCH I love my home? Lots. We made homemade pretzels. Madre mostly. She is so artistic. I will be like her someday.

I also went to a Runnin' Utes basketball game. It was phenom. I love them. Overtime... and then we lost.

Sunday was the All-Star Game... (and Valentines Day, but who really knows anything about that?) Have you ever met my future husband? Dwight Howard? I am 99.9% sure I am marrying him for his arms.

What did I tell you? Awesome weekend. I don't kid around.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

coming up....

Great Weekend! Post forth-coming.
Let's just say there was Zupas, movies, Dwight Howard, and home-sweet-home

Friday, February 12, 2010

why i was 30 minutes late tonight....

plus I remembered when I was 3 minutes from home. So I had to turn around. This is my valentine bag from work.

was it worth it?

I am enjoying a fun-sized watermelon air-head as we speak... so I think yes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

i love sugar cookies

and to listen to Frankie whilst cutting and cooking them.

let's begin

Hello, world. This is a blog about jillibean. Here are some things about the girl:
  • She loves the sound of the violin
  • She is an English Major at Brigham Young University
  • She cannot live without her family... or her camelback water-bottle
  • She has pretty thoughts that she may share with you if she is so inclined
  • She thinks her blog is going to be a thrill
I had this new years resolution. I had a goal to have adventures every day. So here they will be.