Yes, Elder Christofferson (ph? f?) of the Quorum of the 12 is coming to see us the week of Valentines Day! We are so excited! This is two apostles in 9 months :] We're holding out for the prophet haha just kidding. just kidding. That means another TriWizard tournament which means we get to see our cute MTC Elders! We love them still, even though we don't talk to them. We found that out this week.
This last week was really good. We met with Crystal on Tuesday and she is all geared up and ready to go. She talked to the Bishop on Sunday and she told him that he answered all of her questions, so we should be able to set a new date for baptism with her tomorrow! We are way excited. We love her and her family! Her daughter is 9 so we should hopefully get to teach her as well. Then after we met with Crystal we had choir practice. It is going to be SOO cool- this missionary choir. We are sharing it with all of our members and asking them to invite someone. It should be huge! We better sing well, I guess, right? :] I might be singing a solo on Come Thou Fount. I don't know tho. There are better singers than me and I just want the people to be able to feel the spirit. Whoever will convey the spirit best shoud sing it, I think. Fo real.
Wednesday we went to the Chiropractor! It was great. He adjusted me and it was crazy, popping in my back and my neck a bazillion times! I think it actually helped. Then they did this massage thing followed by an ultrasound looking machine that sent shocks into my muscles. that was nuts! But the doctor also gave me exercises to do and I'm loving doing them because it will help my posture a lot. Which I just really dispise. I should have listened to everyone who told me never to slouch. The Chiropractor is in Baytown, and that is wehre Sister Cochran is so we went over for lunch and then there was a tornado warning so we had to stay there for like 3 hours! It was wonderful!! I love that Sister Cochran is so close we are just such good friends.
This weekend we went over to a former investigators house - Brenda - and she was having a really bad day so we went in and talked to her and asked her if we could share the lessons with her and she said yes! So we are going to start doing that. We went on a bike ride with her on Saturday over to get lunch and it was delicious at this little cafe called "Le Madeline". It was really awesome. She has a massage chair that she has me sit in every time we come over. Because she is always like "being a missionary sounds strenuous." :] I loved being on my bike though! Sister Baldwin doesn't like riding the bikes so we haven't done it. Ever. It was so awesome to be on my bike again.
Deborah is doing so good! She should be baptized at the end of February. So should Crystal. And then yesterday at church, this couple was there whose brother is a member in Oregon and they want to take the lessons so that could be 2 more baptisms! We are loving this! It is such a blessing to have success :] I know that it isn't going to be easy, but we just have to do our best and work and we will see good things happen. Doyle is also doing good. He is the best.
Yesterday morning we went over to Jack Rice's house and visited with him while we fed his horses! I WISH we could ride horses as missionaries cause Jack Rice would totally let us. But we told him we would come back in a year and ride horses then. Can you believe that - ONE YEAR? I will have been home for over a month and a half in one year. Nuts. This week I only have 10 months left. Crazy!!
Things are still good. Things are still hard work. But I am still loving it! Even though I have some days where I don't want to do it. I am positive that is normal. But at the end of the day, I really could not be more grateful to be a missionary. This is the greatest.
Dad, thanks for your e-mail! It was cool to hear all about calling a Bishop and calling a Patriarch! That is awesome. How is everything in the stake and in our ward? Any new big things I should know about? Also thanks for telling me about your work. It sounds way cool. I hope you are loving it even though it's different and new. If you don't yet, I'm sure you will get there. That is something that being a missionary has taught me. Just hang in there, you will love it. You may not love it every second, but you will love it. Be easier on yourself. These are the things I am learning.
Mom - before I forget I need a new missionary journal. Could you send me another one that is like the first 2? I'm thinking I will do this 4-5 months per journal business. The first one was June- October, October-January. About right, yes? Also, do you want me to mail home the advent tree with the boxes? I can mail that back if you want it for another year :] How are you?? I LOVED your letter to me. I will write you again and give you more details on all the things you asked for more details on :] I hope you had a good week again. You sounded happy.
James, how are you? Did you listen to that talk by Elder Holland that I told you about? It is soooo good. How is school and institute? How is church? How are your friends? How are the chicas? Give me updates! I quote you all the time, you should know. Everyone I know, knows what a cool person you are. All my companions feel like they know you :]
(Speaking of, you totally have to go to Sister Lundgren's homecoming in May okay?? I will give you more updates as it gets closer. FREAK that is only 2.5 transfers away!! and mikelle will be home for fall semester! CRAZY!)
Jonny how are you? Dad told me that you're doing soooo good in basketball! Live it up amigo!! Have you thought about when you're going to go on your mission? Right in August? I hope you're getting ready good still. There are so many things that will help you get ready. James can tell you all this, I know. But I am telling you too. I heard that you are famous and on TV and just a big shot now. I want you to know that I HATE that I'm missing it :[ I really wish I was there to see all of this happen. Keep playing hard! When is the season over?
Well. family. things are still good. I'm still happy. it's still hard. it's all just the way it should be. please pray for me and sister baldwin. We are doing good, we want to continue to do good. I pray for you guys. (Just so you know, it is a battle whenever I write stuff like that between "yall" and "you guys" It's gonna be great when i come home. just you wait). I love you all so much and I love this gospel. I love this church. I love the people that I am meeting (Yes, I ADORE this ward. Oh my gosh I love them!!!)
Here are pictures. It's us and Cochran and Hawkins in baytown when we got stranded. and then these cute cups that i knew you would like, mom. Brenda gives us cider in them and they have these little mice in them. so cute.