Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Bueno! Here are some upcoming things

  1. I met with my non-profit management minor adviser today. I actually have a career path. I want to work with writing grants. I'm really excited. They sort of build an internship in with everything. Great news because I've been worried about an internship.
  2. I'm going to do a new segment on my blog. I'm going to go to Rosie's care facility and interview some people. Get their thoughts on life, love, things...
  3. Spring is coming, and I'm happy.  
Those are four things. In my journal, for 18 months, I did "5 things" every night. 5 things I am grateful from today. Sometimes (a notable time that I remember) my "5 things" were 5 words long and one of them was Nyquil. Sometimes being a missionary is tough.

people need photos to stay interested. Until I get better at planning my blogging... here's a picture 
of my wonderful brothers and I
at the beach
in california
in january.

Jonny is doing fantastic by the way :]